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Pure MSM

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240 capsules

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240 capsules

Base price: 13,24 € each 100 g

Pure MSM - 180 Capsules

Thick as thieves

This phrase says that friends stay together in every condition of life. No matter what. One of this friend is Sulphur. He is one on the most fascinating main ingredients in our organism. Did you knew this?

Sulphur is no metal but a mineral, which is abundant on earth. It is a necessary element. He is contained in some amino acids and therefore contained in many proteins. Scientists found out that the fat and carbohydrate metabolisms are based on Sulphur compounds. It is a part of the connective tissue and nails and hair.
The most common sulphur compounds are dimethylsulfon and methylsulfonylmethan (MSM). MSM occurs quite often in vegetable and animal organisms and therefore a part of our food. In this way, we find the natural organic compound in milk, eggs, meat, vegetables like onions or garlic. Cow mild and coffee contain high concentrations.

MSM has many unbelievable effects, which are versatile. So please apologize that we cannot list them here. For those who want to enjoy the unbelievable power of natural MSM in concentrated form, we created our special product Pure MSM. Every single capsule contains pure MSM – with a high dosage. Please take daily two capsules in the morning and evening. This is a daily consumption of 2,000 mg!

We are sure that you want to experience the versatile secrets of this phenomenal natural substance. Pure MSM will be your best friend.

4 capsules contain: MSM - 2.000 mg.

Recommended daily use: Please consume daily 2 capsules in the morning and in the evening with a sufficient quantity of liquid.

Information for diabetics: 4 capsules contain 0,4 bread unit.

Please note: Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a well-balanced and varied diet  as well as a healthy life-style.


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from Rudina on 26.02.2018
Also der Geruch ist bisshen gewöhnungsbedürftig aber ich meinke das es meinen gelenken wohl tut und vorallem hat sich mein Hautbild geändert, viel reiner! Top!
from Wilma on 28.05.2018
Hatte Schmerzen im Schulter - Arm Bereich, seit ich die pure MSM und Flexi-Bel nehme, habe ich nur noch Probleme bei starker Belastung. Diese beiden Produkte haben mir große Linderung gebracht!
from Karin on 29.05.2018
Dieses Produkt tut meinen Gelenken absolut gut.
from Britta on 30.06.2018
Auch dieses Produkt darf auf meinen Teller nicht fehlen. Bei Rheuma ist es immer besser vorzubeugen und bereit zu sein für den nächsten Schub

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